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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Touching Spirit Bear: Litspiration Post

The types of information I would want is the most important information. This includes family history, school history, crime history, and anything about his past. Lets talk about the three most important family, school, and crime history. I would like to know about his parents, are they abusive, friendly, mean all of these things can affect a persons behaviour. I would like to know about whats happening at school, is he a bullying people, was he bullied. I would also like to have counsellor records that show what has happened, is he getting help, or what is happening. I would also like to know if he has done any crimes in the past, or any type of criminal offence he has done.

After reading about Cole and his life I really felt sympathetic for him. He was feeling anger at his dad and he was thinking straight and he had to take it out on somebody and unfortunately Peter was right there. People with abusive parents have a mush harder life than everyone else and the parents force the hate into the child. If you heard about a guy who went to a hardware store, robbed it, got ratted out and then beat a kid to almost death. What would you do to him? Now think of the same scenario except the suspect had a abusive father and was getting beat every night to the point that he wanted it to end, and he couldn't control the anger. What would you do to him? These are the same people doing the same crime except you know what the kid has gone through that may have traumatized him. Now about the island, the island was strange because we could see Cole changing. I think what happened on the island really changed Cole for the better and after the bear I would only give Cole 10 hours of community work

Sunday, 9 March 2014

GINS: Task 4

My word art for the story Lunch with Lenin

I chose this quotation because it really had a impact on me with my personal life and I just felt as if I wrote it. I chose the picture because I connected it to love and the best way to show love is by showing two people holding hands. I really wanted to symbolize the "Ever Again" because that shows a real love that cannot be broken. As you can see I broke the quote up into three pieces, 2 on the arms and 1 below. I did this because I wanted to add almost a different feeling of reading a quote and get the reader engaged. I hope I did that and I really hope you enjoyed reading that.  

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

GINS Post 7: Exploring Empathy

I wake up and ask where my mom is and what ever happened to her. I only remember being abducted and put into this creepy old house that creeks every time someone walks. My mom left me long ago with a melting ice cream in my hand when she said that she needed to pay respect to some important dude. Stalin I believe was his name he was the Dictator of the Soviet Union. Then I met my best friend and we started hanging out. He gave me this special thing, he put it in a syringe. The needle pierced into my skin and I got a rush of adrenaline and it lasted for hours. Then I got sent to a different home, I lost my best friend, I got depressed. I was in the new house for 3 weeks and then I remembered about the spot where we first did drugs. I ran and ran till I got to the place, and there he was standing right in front of me.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

GINS: Post 6 Task 3

Equality rights:
  • Everyone is equal and no collective groups (everyone is equal anyways)
    • If collective rights were given, it would be unfair to others.
  • Everyone has the right to be free of discrimination based on their race, nationality, religion, age, language, gender and mental or physical disabilities...etc.

  • Right to follow your own religion as long as it does not harm the community
  • Freedom to talk with anyone and any group without disruption, unless peace of the community is jeopardized eg. Terrorist group meetings
  • The freedom of expression of opinion unless otherwise harmful or not peaceful
  • The freedom of sexuality

Basic Rights:
  • The right to food, water and shelter
  • The right to be free of slavery
  • The right to be free of physical or mental with harmful intent

Government Rights:
  • The right for countries to self-governed
  • The country chooses what type of government they want, monarchy, democratic, etc.
  • The right to choose to be democratic  

Legal Rights:
  • Right to quick and fair trial under impartial court
  • No search or seizure can be conducted without legal reasons
  • The right to be free of all types torture or unfair punishment. When under imprisonment.  Eg. Sexual assault, capital punishment,
  • Each government will create their own laws, but cannot infringe on the charter

Mobility Rights:
  • Right to move freely and reside throughout the world unless restricted by law concerning public safety, public health, etc.  
  • The right to earn a living in a different country

Education Rights:

  • In the language, culture, or country of your choice
  • Everyone has the right to education, those who cannot afford educated will be assisted by their country’s government

This charter of rights and freedoms is for the world. This is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was created by Daniel, Omar, Justin, Yashvin and me. We kept the same organization as the Canadian Charter because it is very easy to find what you are looking for as well as it is listed in different parts and not all in one. We have put the very basics in and we did some changes. As you probably noticed we put in basic rights. These outline the basic rights of people and what they can have. We also changed democratic rights to government rights, as we didn't want to assimilate anybody. We recognized that not every country has a democratic government. Some may have a dictatorship, some may not even have a government at all. Education rights was a big one for us as we are students and we had a hard time filling this one out. We didn't want to assimilate anybody nor did we want to have people begging for the government to help. We took the basics of the Canadian Charter and put them in as a starting point and then it evolved into this. I really do like this Charter of Rights and Freedoms as it portrays the necessities and basic needs of the human race.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

GINS: Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Is there a similar document for the nation in which your issue occurs?
Yes there is a similar document but its definitely not the same. They only have the basic fundamental freedoms and some rights described below. The only problem is that Russia doesn’t follow these rights and freedoms like Canada does. They definitely need better rights and freedoms. When people are denied the basic rights to live, even though they say that all citizens have the right to the basic needs of life they don’t. Children/Orphans in Russia are restrained in cloth sacks, tethered by a limb to furniture, denied stimulation, and sometimes left to lie half-naked in their own filth. Bedridden children aged five to seventeen are confined to understaffed lying-down rooms as in the baby houses, and in some cases are neglected to the point of death.

If so, what rights and freedoms are guaranteed in the document?
There are many different rights and freedoms but Russia doesn’t always follow them. In Russia people have the Freedom of religion, the right to be free of torture or unfair punishment, Freedom of assembly, Press freedom, Human rights, Freedom of political expression, Freedom of literary and scientific expression, Right to vote, Economic rights,  Freedoms of assembly and association, Freedom of religion, Freedom of movement
I one case an employer was beaten in Sochi after he was allegedly stealing wire from the buildings of the 2014 winter olympics. He was beaten on site after he showed up to grab his pay check. He was beaten and sexually assaulted with a crowbar.

If not, why do you think this is the case? Have there been any attempts to remedy this?

How might the issue be different if the Canadian Charter were applied?
I think they would have a better country because right now they don’t value the Rights and Freedoms because they really don’t have any. I think that if we put our charter they would value it and stick up to themselves. But even if we did put the charter in Russia the government would have to be switched because you can make rules but if nobody follows them what is the point?

Be specific! Which sections would be relevant?
I think the legal rights would be the biggest change because in Russia everyone is assumed guilty and they don't have courts they have a dictatorship sentencing. If we would put our legal rights into Russia everyone would be innocent until proven guilty and everyone would have the right to an equal, fair and quick trial.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

GINS: Novel to Consumerism

My Global Issue Novel Study is about drugs. Today I am going to tell you how they relate to the countries economic system. Say I were a drug dealer and I gave drugs to a bunch of my friends. Now they have an addiction and need help, so they go to the government through rehab. How is he going to pay for all of this? Well the government will. Taxpayers pay money to the government which then sends money to people who can't afford rehab or money to stop drugs. My book “Lunch with Lenin” by Deborah Ellis is a book that has a bunch of short stories in one story. Each story is in a new country and about a person who is affected by drugs or alcohol. I am going to pick the country Canada. Here in Canada we have a mixed economy so we can regulate some of the stuff that gets exported and imported into Canada. The Government of Canada sends money to pay for peoples rehab if they can’t afford it. Now back to the drug dealers they don't have to pay taxes so that means that. In a market economy the government doesnt own the resources so they don’t have a say of what is exported or imported. In a mixed economy like Canada the government has a say in what comes in and out and that is why there are less drugs in Canada.